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We will NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18 for any reason! It is against the law in the state of NH and against the morals of any reputable artist. Remember, tattoos last a lifetime.

Healing Your Tattoo

A couple hours after getting your new tattoo, remove the plastic wrap and gently wash your tattoo with HOT (turn water temp up slowly) water and antibacterial soap.  Rinse with HOT water for 10 minutes. Gently pat dry and apply a very very small amount of Aquaphor leaving no sticky layer, then reapply new plastic wrap. Keep tattoo wrapped for the first 3-4 days removing wrap twice a day to wash and then reapply tiny amount of ointment and new plastic wrap. After this period, a high quality non-scented lotion (curel or lubriderm are recommended - look for the dermatologist logo) can be applied a couple times a day for the rest of the healing. Again, be sure wash the tattoo each time before lotion is applied (generally twice a day will suffice). You may notice flaking or peeling (like you get after a sunburn, but the skin flakes may contain ink) around this stage of the healing process, this is normal. Remember not to touch, pick or scratch at your new tattoo and avoid sun exposure/tanning. If you damage your new tattoo you risk scarring and will incur needless touch up costs.

How Much Does a Tattoo Cost?

Tattoos are charged by the hour. When it comes to tattoos you usually get what you pay for. That’s not to say that the more money someone wants to charge you the better your tattoo will be. Look for quality first and be willing to pay for it. A respectable artist is not going to haggle over price and asking them to do so is disrespectful. These are tattoos, not second-hand clothing; this is something you wear for life.

Should I Tip My Artist?

There are no set ground rules for tipping in this industry, but tips are a nice gesture and are always greatly appreciated (but never required).  Artists have families to feed like anyone else.

Can I Bring In A Picture of What I Want?

Reference photos are often helpful and we encourage you to bring them to us when scheduling or meeting for a consultation. After discussing with you what you desire in a tattoo we can draw a custom piece of artwork that we feel will satisfy your needs and will flow well with your body and the placement you have chosen. Keep an open mind and remember that a great piece of art doesn’t always translate into a great tattoo, it is a unique form of expression. We are going to do our best to come up with a one-of-a-kind tattoo that we can all be proud of. We would prefer not to do a tattoo that we wouldn’t want our names associated with.

Should I Get Tattooed If I’m Sick?

If your immune system isn’t 100% when you get your tattoo it can affect the healing process. You may also put your artist and other at the studio at risk of illness. It’s much better to reschedule your appointment if you’re not feeling well.

How Should I Prepare For My Tattoo?

Sleep well the night before. Eat a good breakfast and don’t skip any meals because you’re nervous. It’s important that you’re well nourished when you come for you appointment so you don’t get light-headed or dizzy. It’s also wise to bring candy or fruit juice with you. Sugar can help to counter-act that light-headed woozy feeling should it occur. Always ask your artist for a break should you feel any of these symptoms. If you continue they will worse, but usually with a short break and some sugar you’ll be feeling 100% in no time.