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Mark Manley

Tattoo Artist

After a long apprenticeship, I have been a licensed Tattoo Artist in the state of NH since February 2009 and previously held a license in Amherst, MA. Shortly after receiving my NH license I was blessed to spend nearly two years working with the amazingly talented Jesse Rix at his shop, Secret Lake Tattoo in Keene, NH. I learned a lot during this time, but eventually chose to take a break from tattooing due to the demanding schedule of the band I was performing with (we were touring the country and playing with some big-name acts). I returned to New England and began tattooing again in November 2011 after a nearly 6-month hiatus.

When Jesse decided to close the doors at Secret Lake Tattoo to open a private studio, I took over and opened Elm City Tattoo in it’s place.  It has been a challenging but great experience and I’m blessed to work with a great team.

I really enjoy creating a custom work of art that both myself and my client can be proud of. Give me your idea and let me roll with it. While not all great artwork lends itself well to tattooing, I am glad to sit down with a client and come up with something he/she will be happy with for years to come.